These Thugs Are Attacking You!

These Thugs Are Attacking You!



ALL cancer is caused by the mutation of DNA.
How DNA mutation happens.
How true cancer growth happens.
How antioxidants help in reduction of DNA mutation.

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A free-radical is a molecule or atom that is missing an electron. Free-radicals attack healthy cells within your body trying to steal an electron from them. Free-radicals are nothing more than thugs. All cancer is caused by free-radicals and the damage they do to your DNA. Your DNA holds the blue print for every cell that is created. All cancer is caused by mutated DNA. This is how DNA mutation happens; free-radicals attack your DNA trying to steal an electron, this attack continues and changes the blue print within your DNA, now the cells that are being created by your DNA are mutated with this changed blue print. The cells that are produced are cancer cells and the body no longer recognizes them as you; but they are not cancer yet, one more condition is needed to begin the growth of true cancer and that is inflammation. Inflammation appears when there is an injury to our body; even cell injury. Inflammation is there to help heal but it can not heal a mutation so it feeds the cell and within a few years you have some form of cancer.
We can not avoid free-radicals, they are a part of life; they are found in air and water pollution, the processed foods we eat and are caused by trauma and exercise as well as any medication you may take. Medications have a free-radical nature due to laboratory production and doctors call theses free-radicals and the damage they do; side effects.
The only thing that stops free-radicals is antioxidants; they are molecules that have a spare electron. The only place to find antioxidants is in natural sources. Dietary supplements are needed for optimum health and contain some antioxidants, eating natural foods that are un-processed is very important. Processing foods kills the antioxidants and they will not help you. Most plants have around 1,000 to 1,500 antioxidants each, which does not seem like a lot compared to the amount of free-radicals you are taking into your body every single day; about a billion.
With the discovery of a fruit from South East Asia called the Mangosteen, scientists have been in a buzz about the amount of antioxidants this fruit contains. The Mangosteen fruit has an amazing 25,000 antioxidants. This fruit has been studied in Universities and by scientists for the last 20 years; they have proved that this fruit has the most powerful and the largest number of antioxidants in nature to date. You can read all the studies by going to pubmed at dot gov and typing in Mangosteen. The Mangosteen fruit has also been providing thousands of people with pain relief as well as other medicinal benefits, due to super charged antioxidants called Xanthones. Two hundred Xanthones have been identified in nature, 41 are in the Mangosteen fruit alone and you can compare that to the Aloe Vera plant that contains only one Xanthone. One thing about Xanthones you need to know is that they must be consumed in their natural form.
Cancer and other serious illnesses are on the rise in this country. Cancer is a plague; but we have become so accustomed to the word and the disease that we don’t take it as seriously as we should. Cancer destroys not only the body and our cells; it can destroy our families and devastate our financial situation. pubmed at dot gov is a source that can be used as a guide to help in your recovery; there are links to several informational pages, done by doctors and scientists.
Alternative health care is also on the rise due to medications that cause so many side effects because of their free-radical nature that you can end up in worse health than when you first went into see the doctor. Medications on top of medications will break down your immune system and the free-radicals end up on a rampage through your body, causing mayhem and destruction, and then you need more medication. All medications carry a risk of side effects. Alternatives such as fruits and veggies do not carry these types of risks. You can call toll free 1-888-374-4148 and listen to a message about the amazing power of Xanthones.