L2LL Seeking Comfort in Air beds and Air Mattresses

L2LL Seeking Comfort in Air beds and Air Mattresses

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If you can’t see it, doesn’t mean its not there. Air beds and Air Mattresses uses air to give you a whole new level of comfort. Find out why.

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Being a manager of my fathers mattress store, I get all queries about mattresses and particularly air mattresses latelt. Most air mattress customers want to know, for a person like me, what I consider as the best of the best air mattress among all mattress products. I can understand their desire to avoid buying the wrong air mattresses and it’s my pleasure to help those who have the opportunity to meet me. Anyway, I thought it’d be great if I can share this those who won’t cross path with me in life. At least I have a chance to give them a better sleep.
Alright folks, if I were to have only one choice, I would go for a mattress that is designed with 5 comfort zones. Mattresses with 5 comfort zones can increase circulation, reduce pressure points and respond to the shape of your body. A particular brand that has an enticing sleep surface is the Serta Perfect Sleeper’s exclusive patented Advanced Comfort Quilt. The Advanced Comfort Quilt layer is made from fluffy fibers and rolling peaks of foam that offer gentle allover cushioning; it rests upon tiers of Comfort Foam that reinforce body support and conformance. Balanced head-to-toe coils reduce mattress movement and promote spinal alignment, while the StabLbase Double Beam foundation lends added strength. The FireBlocker system helps to enhance the user’s safety and peace of mind. A very sound choice if you ask me.
If you’re looking for something larger, then I’d suggest the Queen-sized Rising Comfort Air Bed. Despite being an air bed, this baby Stands 22″ off the floor, just like a real bed. It’s big with a 80 x 60″ sleeping surface made of nylon flocked top. Always ask if the shop that sells you this mattress gives you a complimentary Fast-Fill internal pump that provides automatic inflation in just 3 minutes. Not all shops will give them for free. You can also use the double valve for easy manual inflation. This mattress is ideal for moving as its giant porthole releases air when you’re ready to pack up. Usually a purchase would include a duffel bag with shoulder strap. This baby Weighs roughly 24 lbs.
Speaking of airbeds, I have something for you that will bring you a whole new level in airbed comfort! Ever heard of the Intex High-Rise airbed? This model comes with a built-in comfortable, inflated back-rest. It really enables you to sleep in perfect comfort. No matter what you want to do, whether it is to sit up and read a book, watch TV, or just relax and talk, the back-rest is perfect! Its Coil-Beam construction provides a more-evenly and firmer support. As if that’s not enough, for additional convenience sake, this bed’s built-in high-powered electric pump is controlled with a multi-directional remote control unit. So you can inflate the bed, or adjust the comfort level while lying on the bed! Makes me lazy if you ask me. But heck, this is one of the ways you can pamper yourself.
Anyway, I can’t simply leave you with air beds without the pumps, that’d be cruel. One of the favourite I’d like to see in the shopping list of my customers is the Interdynamics 120V PowerAir Air Compressor. The Interdynamics 120V PowerAir Air Compressor utilizes household current to provide users with greater power. The internal fan allows the compressor to be run non-stop without over heating. This pump has highly visible, easy to read pressure gauge that allows you to provide accurate inflations. This pump is also great for car and truck tires, bicycle tires, air mattresses, inflatable pools, inflatable boats, beach balls, and many more items so it’s an excellent multipurpose tool. If you buy a unit of this pump, make sure you check that it includes adapters for inflatables and athletic balls, as well as six feet of power cord.
So next time when you are shopping for air mattresses or air beds, check out my recommendations. Your air bed experience will never be the same again.